Episode 032 - Agile Estimating

Okay … so a few days turn out to be ten …

The long awaited interview with Mike Cohn from Mountain Goat Software and author of Agile Estimating and Planning has arrived! Thank you to you all for hanging in there with me and coming back for a listen. In today’s episode, Mike and I chat a bit about his book, Agile Estimating and Planning, and get into more specifics around estimating the agile way. If you’re interested in checking out Planning Poker for yourself, you can find Mike’s fun on-line application at www.planningpoker.com.

Corsin Huonder from Switzerland is the latest winner in the Controlling Chaos giveaway for a copy of Elizabeth Harrin’s new book, Project Management in the Real World. Congratulations Corsin! The new giveaway is for a copy of Mike Cohn’s book, Agile Estimating and Planning. Mike provided me with two copies - both personally signed! If you’d like to receive Mike’s book, please e-mail me at bookgiveaway@controllingchaos.com by April 30, 2007. Good luck!

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5 Responses to “Episode 032 - Agile Estimating”  

  1. 1 jae90804

    Thanks for a great podcast Dina. I listened to it twice last week and went straight to amazon after the second listen and ordered the book. I think Mike has a great, easy presentation style and made his info so easy to absorb.

    I Leave for vacation in 2 days - leaving my laptop but taking the book!

  2. 2 Dina

    Hi Jeanelle! I’m glad you’re finding the information from Mike useful! He does have an easy-going style, doesn’t he? I’ll pass along the nice thoughts! Have fun on vacation!


  3. 3 codecraig

    Just listened to this podcast today…did you ever take Mike’s Scrum course? How did it go?

  4. 4 Dina

    Hi codecraig - actually, I never did get to Mike’s course! I had a project conflict so I gave up my spot so one of my fellow PM’s could go. She has now turned into one of the best ScrumMasters we have at work and chalks it up to Mike’s class!

  1. 1 Special: Controlling Chaos Pocast Episode 032 on Agile Estimating : Project management Mashup

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