Hi everyone - I’m in Palo Alto this weekend taking a two-day Quantitative Review prep class to get me ready for the GMAT!  I’m absolutely brain dead but wanted to leave you a quick note that the podcast will be coming out in a few days.  I had a really fun and informative interview with Mike Cohn, of Mountaingoat Software and author of Agile Estimating and Planning, all about agile estimating, which I will be sharing on the next podcast!  I am positive you’ll learn as much listening as I did talking with Mike!  Thanks for your patience!

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3 Responses to “Podcast on Agile Estimating on its way in a few days …”  

  1. 1 geomancer

    wow! I can hardly wait to hear this one. Mike is a funny and engaging presenter, and the subject matter is one that we probably all feel some ‘pain’ around. This is going to be great!

  2. 2 prepfortests

    I am sure felt like your brain was full by the end of the weekend.

    If you want a bit of inspiration in your study then these tips from successful GMAT takers are just the ticket.

    Best of luck with the test!

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