Episode 009 - Work Breakdown Structures

This week’s episode is all about Work Breakdown Structures - what they are, why you use them (regardless of the ‘methodology’ you follow), and why they are so darn fascinating! Okay, maybe not so fascinating but very important! I’ve added some examples in the Helpful Resources section to help illustrate our discussion! Also, because of the great lineup we have for you in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be holding off on starting the segment on eXtreme Project Management. Happy listening!

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Helpful Resources:

3 Responses to “Episode 009 - Work Breakdown Structures”  

  1. 1 Bill Ramos

    Hi Dina and Lee,
    Nice overview of WBS. I’d like to mention another tool that I’ve found very useful for creating WBS’ called Mindjet MindManger Pro v6. They have a white paper on using their tool at: http://www.mindjet.com/pdf/us/Mindjet_Project_Management_Whitepaper.pdf. It’s great to see your focus on deliverables as part of the process. I’ve been using a process developed by Tony Rizzo for project planning that he calls Robust Project Design - Check out - http://www.pdinstitute.com/RobustProjectDesign.html.
    Keep up the great work and quality!
    Bill Ramos

  2. 2 Dina

    Bill - thanks so much for the great tools and nice feedback! I’ll add the links to the show notes of our next podcast.

  3. 3 The ITIL IMP

    I just wanted to second Bill on this one. Mind Manager Pro 6 is a fundamental tool in my working and home life. I use it to create an initial project plan inc. task allocations before exporting into MS Project. It’s just so much easier to see how things relate back to the central objective than a list - at least for visually minded people.

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